The Mysteries of Sharn

The Net
or... why its always better to have the waitor taste the wine

Looking back on this story, its interesting to see how quickly the trap closed upon my dear friends and companions. I did not know them at this time, however, even if I had I am sure that I too would have been befuddled by how universal the deceit was… but I am getting ahead of myself.

 As my dear friends, entered the City of Towers for the first time, they found themselves enthralled by its majesty and grace. They saw the soaring heights of the towers, without yet seeing how fould the mud was at the bottom. Like most adventurers would be wont, they made their way to Firelight. Even one such as myself, still revels at the delights to be found within the most raunchy of Sharn's many districts. In Firelight, they discovered that their arrival in the City of Wonders, happened to coincide with arrival of one of the high holy days of the Church of the Silver Flame, The Cleansing.

 After making their way to Firelight they quickly found a promising inn by the name of The Strong Foot. In this fine establishment, my companions were shown by the waiter to a cleric by the name of Yavon Letru. Yavon was an elderly halfling priest of the silver flame who was apparently willing to pay, the rather egregious sum, of 500 gp, to each party member, for the delivery of a bottle of wine to a fellow priest in Karrnath. Like any eager adventurers, my fellows took the deal and agreed to meet Yavon in Pinnacle, the Temple District, at dusk.

 After this meeting, the adventurers searched for news regarding the state of the lightning rails, or of the nation of Karrnath for any reason why the reward for delivery would be such a large amount. After looking through the Korranberg Chronicle, and scanning over a fairly handsome photo and article about yours truly, they discovered no news regarding conflicts in any areas they would be heading into. So with some lingering doubt, the party made their way to Pinnacle and found the good priest Yavon standing on a cart off to the side of the center of the District. In the center, they were preparing for the final ritual of The Cleansing in which scarecrows which had been placed throughout the city, as listeners to the sins of the masses, would be burned in order to cleanse the sins of those who partook of the ritual. As Yavon handed the package and the money to the party, scarecrows throughout the district animated and began to attack civilians. One in particular grew to a larger size and cried out an attack, by name, against our goodly priest Yavon. During the encounter Cathan ir'Dernell the mayor of Sharn, fled the scene, probably due to some important paperwork. Our party managed to take apart the scarecrows eventually realizing that by destroying the larger scarecrow, they could deactivate the smaller ones.

After the fight, the mayor, along with members of the press, showed up to interview the party. The party recounted the events truthfully, other than, at the request of the mayor, leaving out the bit of cowardice shown by Lord Cathan. 


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